Recorders... and Makers 1

Birth of a passion - Apprenticeship

Wood choice

After a scientific education, it is during my military service that I discovered the recorder with which I literally fell in love. From then on, I always tried to reconcile my taste for manual labor and my passion for the recorder.

While practising one day, I noticed that my instrument did not play as I wished. I decided to make improvements... the recorder stopped working altogether. I took upon myself to find the necessary wood to make a new block..


This led to my passion for recorders. I self-taught the various necessary trades : metal work to create my own tools, woodturning , cabinet-making.

voice-flutes on the bench

After seven years of self-taught apprenticeship, I sold my first recorder in 1985.
These were compelling but also hard times morally. Mid-way in my apprenticeship, I was awarded a scholarship from the Fondation de la Vocation that encouraged me to pursue further. Today, my recorders are played all over the world.